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A number of YouTube app creators are no longer standing still after receiving copyright strikes. YouTubers claim that the content they are being criticized for is absolutely fair and that the allegations against them are baseless.

Some have pointed out that there is a male identity whose main purpose is to target them using the copyright system as its defence. This way he can silence them and also perform doxing against them.

Now the creators are urging the app to step in and take notice. At the same time, they are asking for protection because the issue is of concern.

The news broke when a creator named Ms. Fieldz reportedly received two copyright strikes on her channel recently. Therefore, to help fight against them and solve the problem, he was told to provide information in the form of personal data.

From her name and address to her full contact details, everything was requested and she gave it. But since then we hear more news from the media Initiated about how she has received numerous phone calls which she deems suspicious as they are from unrecognizable numbers.

After choosing them, she only receives clips related to explicit content in the background. Now she is convinced that the people behind these copyright strikes are doing everything in their power to obtain personal information and later use that information against them.

Quite often, she also gets flagged for content that confuses her because she finds nothing wrong or in violation of the app’s policies. In her case, these are a few scenes that we can see her recap and comment on.

The man believed to be at the center of the case is a YouTuber by the name of Nader Elshamy. He managed to gain some fame after dating another designer by the name of Foodie Beauty.

The problem arose when about five different creators of the app alleged that this man had slammed their channels with copyright complaints. They also added that it could be an attempt to stop them from speaking out against him. Many fear reprisals from him and do not reveal their real names for this reason.

People stuck in this whirlwind situation have two options. Either they can remove its content or fight copyright strikes. The latter means giving personal details.

Just recently, Eishamy began threatening Ms Fieldz and vowed to release her personal details in public. This was only submitted to fight the strike and she is worried about his intentions in general.

YouTube policy requires users to disclose personal information, including addresses, if they wish to fight the case of infringement. In case that doesn’t happen, the only other way out is to take over the legal process. This involves hiring attorneys who can defend cases on behalf of the creator.

The whole thing is quite confusing, as you can see. Recently, Elshamy reached out to Insider media and was seen revealing that he had no intention of personal attacks or doxing. Surprisingly, he accuses the creators of carrying out an attack on them.

Therefore, the case has reached a point where creators want YouTube to step in and offer protection for “fair use”. They want certain exceptions made to copyright laws, with a focus on those who make criticisms.

But IP experts have looked at such cases and according to them, everything is really blurry and unclear. Other experts believe that it is not easy for the court to determine who is copying. But YouTube needs to find a solution as creators look to the app to do the right thing.

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