Veracross and CrisisGo Announce Integrated Security Response Offering at CONNECT by Veracross EdTech

Provides a complete solution to help K-12 independent schools provide safer learning environments

WAKEFIELD, Mass., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veracross and CrisisGo today announced the availability of a new comprehensive security response software solution for independent K-12 schools that unites staff, students, parents , teachers, first responders and the community for safer schools.

The new solution integrates the CrisisGo security communication platform with the Veracross platform which is the only “one lifetime record” school information system available in EdTech. Onboarding helps ensure that first responders are alerted immediately, families are kept informed and updated, and ultimately schools are a safe place for students to learn and thrive.

Jessica WallisSVP of Product Management for Veracross, said, “Nothing is more important than providing effective measures for students and staff to keep them safe. We are excited to be working closely with CrisisGo to deliver a new integrated student safety and information solution that schools can deploy. easily with automatic data synchronization and no manual maintenance required.”

Jim SpicuzzaChief Product Officer of CrisisGo, said: “In the first three minutes of any critical event, accurate communication, coordination and data are essential. Veracross’s integration with CrisisGo’s digital security platform provides detailed and accurate information so the right people are notified, coordinated, and accounted for, reducing the risk of injury, death, or damage to facilities. We are excited to launch our new Safety iResponse integrated package at CONNECT by Veracross and look forward to working together to help independent K-12 schools accelerate deployment in a safer and more efficient way. emergency response systems. »

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Click here for more information the 6the annual CONNECT by Veracross EdTech conference for independent schools.

About Veracross

Veracross is a leading provider of SaaS-based school information systems (SIS). Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of independent schools, Veracross combines the power of a single lifetime database, personalized communication tools, and an elegant architecture unique in our industry. Veracross serves hundreds of private and independent schools in more than 20 countries, helping to unite school communities and improve learning.

About CrisisGo

With CrisisGo, your schools can cover the processes and workflows needed for school safety, integrate the technology needed to streamline safety, and connect the people who make safety happen. Last year alone, 486,000 alerts and more than 48 million critical messages were sent by schools across the country using CrisisGo to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from more than 400 types of threats to school safety.

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