Transforming the Lives of the Homeless

DETROIT, December 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Home renovations are popular. But imagine the life transformation that occurs when a once homeless person or family receives the gift of a beautifully decorated home. It becomes more than a makeover. It responds to a need: to help homeless people make their homes more than walls, but spaces created for them according to their particular needs, desires and tastes. It is a necessity made with love and care by the non-profit organization Humble Design.

Humble Design began in 2009 when Treger Strasberg met a family who had recently been homeless. Although the family found a house they could afford to live in, there was no more money left to make this house a real home. They couldn’t furnish it and their children had to sleep on piles of blankets.

Treger says she has noticed that most of the time children are running in front of their toys and in their beds. “What does this mean? They haven’t had a bed or a safe place to rest and they are excited.” Over the past twelve years, Humble Designs has decorated more than 2,000 homes in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, San Diego, and Seattle.

Recently HD hosted what they call, “Welcome Home” Deco Day Reveals for families just in time for the holidays.

Delilah and her family suffered a horrific fire on Christmas Day 2020. Heartbreakingly, two of Delilah’s brothers died as a result of the blaze. After finding a place to live this summer, the family struggled to furnish it until Humble Design arrived. Delilah’s joy filled everyone’s hearts.

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Bianca had been in and out of foster care from the age of three until she was ten, when she stayed in the system until she got old. She felt ill-prepared, unloved and not ready to be a mother. When she had Bailey, she decided she wanted more for herself and started working to get her GED. She would like to someday get her social work degree to “be someone’s compass” and help those leaving the foster home better prepare for life on their own.

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What started as a small non-profit organization in Detroit offering design services and furniture to those emerging from homelessness, has grown and expanded to five cities across the United States, and has led to a television show, “Welcome Home,” which won two Daytime Emmy nominations on the CW network in 2018-2019 and still popular on-demand on the BYU TV app.

Humble Design is a non-profit organization that helps families escape homeless shelters by providing home furnishings and design services. The organization turns empty homes into clean, dignified and welcoming homes – a very simple idea that can change a family’s future. The organization is at the service of families and Veterans leaving shelters. Humble Design has served more than 2,000 families nationwide through its chapters in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, and San Diego.

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