Thousands of music lovers join the HGC “Go Ahead, Performers!” live music

In keeping with HGC’s belief in embracing a new era of diversity for hong kong Using technology, the event confirmed the value of branding campaign guidance to inspire young people to be bold, pursue their dreams and shine their uniqueness.

To cope with the latest anti-epidemic measures and ensure the safety of the public and staff, HGC “Go Ahead, Performers!” Music Live was an entirely virtual gig, but the performances were all very enjoyable and equally memorable.

local singer Endy Chow and the band Notch were among the highlights of the night, delighting fans with some of their most popular songs. Joining them for the virtual concert were black sheep, wondergarl and Chonotenki who also delivered thrilling performances and vibrant positive energy.

In addition to local artists and bands, HGC “Go Ahead, Performers!” Music Live also invited two street artists – Xiaohainan that always happen Shenzhen, Canton and Tyler Tseng of Tamsui, to perform virtually, share their unique musical styles, and create opportunities to interact with audiences online in hong kong.

After setting the stage for its next campaign with the online concert, HGC is now even more determined to inspire local youth to pursue their dreams, take on new challenges and strive for innovation. Support for young people and musicians is more important than ever and in the future, HGC will continue to organize stimulating events, inviting artists from all over the world, such as London, Manila, Singapore and bangkok, to boost the morale of young people and allow them to shine on stage.

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