The new brokerage brand, GMT Trading, has announced its launch

ZURICH, April 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The second quarter of 2022 shows continued volatility across all markets. The consequences of geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe continues to be felt, alongside mixed investor sentiment. With this in mind, a new trading platform has recently been launched under the name GMT Trading. According to the founders of the company, this brand is supposed to meet the challenges of the economic sphere with tools adapted to the current commercial reality.

“We’re excited to start leveraging our platform. We’ve been working day and night to make things work, and now we’re ready to go,” said Anthony Rich, spokesperson for GMT Trading. “We have established the ultimate package for clients who wish to explore the world of CFD trading with the best means available in the market today.”

Well packaged package

GMT Trading has made it a priority to provide an all-in-one platform, providing clients with all the right tools and conditions, as well as the most widespread and accurate knowledge needed to make fast and knowledgeable trades. . The purpose of creating this brokerage solution is to allow clients to get all of their information from a certified source, and not have to rely on multiple sources for credible information.

“We believe it is very important that our customers get all they need in one place,” Rich remarked. “That’s why we provide various types of tools and services. For example, on our platform traders can learn about trading strategies from the pros. They can also get real-time market information before trading. We have all major types of assets and instruments available – crypto, forex, stocks, indices and commodities – keeping in mind that clients deserve diversity.”

About GMT Trading

GMT-Trading is a new brand created by highly experienced financial experts, with the aim of positioning traders in a position where they can trade with confidence and with a broad understanding of their stocks. This wouldn’t be possible without dedicated 24/5 customer support and helpful learning tools. GMT Trading also encourages an all-in-one account to manage client funds, to make trading more organized and efficient. All of this goes hand in hand with impressive security technologies that provide clients with the peace of mind needed for better trading.


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