The Israeli army receives 1,000 Orion defense systems

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has taken delivery of 1,000 Orion combat management systems to enhance their mission planning capabilities.

Known locally as Olar/Amud, the Orion is a robust and secure mobile system for dismounted forces.

The platform enables improved mission planning, navigation, positioning and situational awareness through its geographic information system and augmented reality functionalities.

“We are honored to complete this delivery and provide IDF soldiers with a high-end, palm-sized combat management system that enhances ground forces situational awareness,” said the CEO of IDF. Asia Technologies. David Harel said.

In addition to Orion systems, the company has provided other tactical defense solutions to the Israeli military.

Additional Capabilities

According to Asio Technologies, the Orion Combat Management System uses a highly intuitive and interactive interface to provide mission-critical information.

It provides soldiers with real-time updates, including the exact position of friendly and hostile forces.

The system can communicate with other solutions to provide “a fully integrated tactical combat suite for ground forces”.

Asio Technologies said the Orion employs rescue capabilities that allow ground forces to effectively plan and execute their missions.

“Orion provides a lightweight, flexible, agile and familiar solution to enable augmented orientation and increased awareness,” the company said. declared on its website.

“Orion replaces old-fashioned paper maps, records and paper documents, providing self-positioning, planning, navigation and terrain analysis with ease and simplicity.”

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