Supervisors Move Forward with Plans for New HVAC System at Wayne County Courthouse with Engineers Approval | New


At the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors on October 4, the board approved the hiring of Corey Metzger from Ames, for resource consulting engineer services related to the HVAC system update within the palace. Wayne County Justice Department. Metzger provided feedback to the board indicating he would accept the position for as much as $ 4,000 for services that would include examining the existing system, heating and cooling load calculations, ventilation calculations and prepare a report for the Board of Directors to consider.

“I want to begin my report with my deepest condolences to the Pat Kelly family,” County Engineer Randy Zerr said as he began his report. “Pat passed away last week and he had been a member of the back roads for 16 years with his most recent job as a grader and he will be sorely missed.”

Zerr then provided the board with an update from his department, including the recall of the Medicine Creek rental scheduled for Tuesday, November 16. pass before this is complete.

“Finally, on the low water crossing at Cedar Road,” Zerr began. “FEMA got their hands on the state last week and now they’re educating themselves, wanting more math. So I’m going to provide them with whatever I can because they’re a regulator, so they have a say. Why they came out of left field with that is beyond me.

In other cases, the board of directors has approved plans for a 2010 Ford Explorer that is no longer in use by the county for tendering. The vehicle has 115,000 miles and sealed offers will be accepted to the public until 4 p.m. on Friday, October 29.

The board reviewed quotes for a new courthouse security camera system received from South Central Communication Networks / GRM and Superior Cable. The system will operate from 11 cameras with 16 channels available. The Board chose Superior Cable’s bid because their bid of $ 6,668 was slightly lower than the $ 6,738 received from SCC Networks / GRM.

The Board of Directors also approved a pledge to the Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund for fiscal year 2023. The Board of Directors contributed $ 7,500 per year, which is a commitment of four for one providing additional funds. Funds that are donated in Wayne County are available only to residents of Wayne County.

Auditor Michelle Dooley informed council that each county is hoping for a commitment of $ 20,000. The board of directors approved a pledge of $ 10,000 in the hope that with other additional sources in the county, the goal would be met.

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