Suffolk Police reveal Smart911 system to give first responders more information in an emergency


The Suffolk County Police Department is unveiling a new Smart911 system that will provide operators and first responders with critical information in an emergency.

Smart911 is a free application available to people who live in a police district. It allows residents to create a safety profile for their family.

The person taking the 911 call can view addresses, medical information, home information, description of pets, vehicles, and emergency contacts.

Those who access the app can provide as much or as little information as they want.

Acting Suffolk Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron has said that Smart911 will even allow users to set up a domestic violence situation in the home that will immediately arise when they call 911.

Suffolk County Director Steve Bellone said the app would allow the county’s public safety agency to send emergency response teams to the right location.

“When an emergency occurs, seconds count,” says Bellone.

The department is also implementing the Rave Guardian app for victims of domestic violence and others who have already received home panic alarms, which are being phased out.

If the person asks for help, the GPS location can be checked so that they can still be located if they are not at home.

Keith Scott works with the Safe Center Long Island, which provides services to victims of domestic violence. He says the Rave Guardian app is a potential lifeline.

“They could just press a button on their phone, usually people have the phone on them, so it’s an extra layer of protection for survivors,” Scott explains.

The Rave Guardian and Smart911 apps are free.

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