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Faced with the multitude of offers on the market, the best way is to carry out a mortgage simulation to find the best Count Boscoment according to your project, your profile and your income. Different proposals will be presented to you and will allow you to refine your project or to make your choice.

Once you have selected an offer, you will need to apply for a home loan from a financial institution, bank or credit agency. You will then have to prepare a loan file so that your application is studied and the funds are granted to you.


The mortgage file

mortgage loan

Once the credit institution has been chosen, you will have to justify the information previously provided in the questionnaire. For this, you will need to provide various supporting documents:

  • Your last three pay slips (those possibly from the co-borrower);
  • Your last two tax notices;
  • Proof of identity;
  • Your last three bank statements;
  • Proof of address ;
  • Proof of your personal contribution;
  • A signed sales agreement;
  • The possible estimates in case of works.

This list is non-exhaustive, some real estate loans require special documents such as an amortization table of the current loan in case of bridge loan.


Who to buy a mortgage?

 Who to buy a mortgage?

To subscribe a mortgage, several solutions are available to you according to your needs and especially according to offers and rates offered. In any case, you must compete with different organizations to find the best Count Boscoment for your real estate project.

You can choose between:

  • A bank : a traditional bank, a neo-bank, an online bank … these are usually the institutions from which borrowers turn first;
  • A real estate loan broker : an intermediary then prepares your real estate loan file and picks the best offer for you from financial institutions;
  • The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) : this organization offers conditional loans;
  • The employer : under certain conditions, he can grant a Loan Action Housing under conditions.

If you wish to obtain a loan, a zero interest loan (PTZ) or a social loan, check that the chosen institution has signed an agreement with the State authorizing him to offer this type of offer.


Important points to watch during the subscription

mortgage subscription

After study, the credit agency will send you a mortgage offer via a standardized information sheet. All the essential information of your contract will be exposed and you will be able to check the terms and conditions of the contract.

However, keep a close eye on some information that may appear on the credit agreement. For example, penalties for early repayment or clauses on loan insurance or maturity modulation.


The signing of the immovable loan agreement

loan agreement

The offer of mortgage agreement is valid for a minimum period of 30 days after receipt and you can not accept the offer before the legal cooling off period of 10 days. Then, if all the conditions are right for you just sign and return the offer to the financial institution that will unlock the funds in the days that follow.

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