SES, MDDIAI RK, RCSC and AsiaNetCom Launch Demonstration Project to Test Broadband Connectivity Through O3b Satellite Constellation in Remote Villages of Kazakhstan

SES, MDDIAI RK, RCSC and AsiaNetCom Launch Demonstration Project to Test Broadband Connectivity Through O3b Satellite Constellation in Remote Villages of Kazakhstan

Press release from: SES
Posted: Friday November 19 2021

Residents of two remote villages in Kazakhstan can now enjoy unprecedented internet speeds via satellite Wi-Fi, through a network set up for 30 days by the world’s leading provider of content connectivity solutions SES. The demonstration is being implemented in cooperation with the Republican Center for Space Communications (RCSC), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry and AsiaNetCom, a connectivity provider based in Kazakhstan. During the demonstration, the companies achieved a 380 Mbps downlink and 120 Mbps uplink via SES’s O3b satellite constellation, the highest speed ever recorded in Kazakhstan via satellite.

The demo is being carried out as part of the country’s national project entitled “Technological breakthrough through digitization, science and innovation”, which aims to bridge the digital divide and bring the benefits of high-performance communication networks to health, businesses, local governments, education and more.

As part of the collaboration agreement between SES and RCSC signed earlier this year, the test demonstrates the benefits of SES’s medium orbit networks (MEO) and its future second-generation O3b mPOWER communication system.

The current demonstration network uses SES’s first generation O3b satellites to connect an RCSC teleport located in Kokterek with the villages of Akterek and Beriktas for high-speed internet access.

“Kazakhstan has already made progress in providing Internet connectivity to the population. However, there are still remote villages where it is not possible to provide a network using communications by radio relay or via a cable connection. Under these circumstances, we decided to use satellite constellations. will allow us to expand our coverage and provide high-speed Internet connection to the people of Kazakhstan, ”said Bagdat Mussin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry (MDDIAI RK).

“The premise of the national project” Technological breakthrough through digitization, science and innovation “is to bring the same quality of life and the same opportunities offered by Internet access to every citizen of the country, wherever they are. long live – in Nur-Sultan or in a remote mountain village. In some cases the use of terrestrial networks is economically unfeasible, and we are exploring possibilities of implementing innovative satellite technology to provide high-speed connectivity in these villages The demonstration gives us the opportunity to explore possibilities for scaling up, ”said Malik Zhuiriktayev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC RCSC.

“We are very happy to participate in this project, which aims to digitize and improve all spheres of life and economy of the country. Today, together with our partners RCSC and AsiaNetCom, we have demonstrated the performance of our innovative and proven MEO network connecting rural Kazakhstan “said Sandeep Jalan, CFO of SES.” When operational next year, our second generation MEO system, O3b mPOWER, will further multiply the capacity In addition, it will deliver significantly higher speeds in a flexible manner, meeting the growing needs of governments, businesses and mobile operators.

About SES

SES has a bold vision to deliver incredible experiences anywhere on earth by distributing the highest quality video content and providing seamless connectivity around the world. As a leader in global content connectivity solutions, SES operates the world’s only constellation of multi-orbital satellites offering a unique combination of global coverage and high performance, including low latency and low latency O3b system. By leveraging a large and intelligent, cloud-enabled network, SES is able to deliver high-quality connectivity solutions anywhere on land, at sea or in the air, and is a trusted partner of leading companies in telecommunications, mobile network operators, governments of the world. , cloud and connectivity service providers, broadcasters, video platform operators and content owners. SES’s video network carries more than 8,500 channels and has an unmatched reach of 361 million homes, providing managed multimedia services for both linear and non-linear content. The company is listed on the Paris and Luxembourg stock exchanges (Ticker: SESG). More information is available at:

About RCSC

The joint-stock company “Republican Center for Space Communication” was established by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 2003 on behalf of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

JSC “RCSC” is a subordinate enterprise of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national operator of the space communication system of Kazakhstan.

The Republican Space Communications Center provides services for the provision of KazSat series spacecraft (SC) transponder capability, monitoring of fixed satellite communication channels in the Ku band over a geostationary arc of 13 to 130 E , as well as utilizing the teleport capabilities based on the Reserve ground spacecraft control complex and communications surveillance systems. The resources of the KazSat series spacecraft made it possible to implement efficient and reliable satellite communication channels in the Republic of Kazakhstan. KazSat series spacecraft, operated by RCKS JSC, offer great opportunities for telecom operators in Kazakhstan, national companies and holdings, government agencies and private companies for the organization of digital television and broadcasting ( HD, DTH, IPTV), high speed Internet access, data transmission and creation of corporate satellite communication networks of various topologies. Currently, JSC “RCSC” is one of the leading companies in the implementation of communication activities in the telecommunications market of Kazakhstan.

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