Rwanda: MEPs call on government to correct flaws in online civil service management system


Members of the lower house of parliament instructed the Ministry of Civil Service and Labor (MIFOTRA) on October 26 to speed up the implementation of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

IPPIS is an online system operated by MIFOTRA aimed at assisting the government in the efficient and cost-effective management of civil servants.

So far 2.6 billion Rwandan francs have been invested in the project, which lawmakers say has been slow to become fully operational.

Even the services that work, MEPs said, there were flaws.

“The project began to be worked on in 2011 and was to be fully operational in June 2020, and among the eleven modules proposed to be included in the system, only five are operational, which represents only 45% of the whole system” , said Deputy Pie Nizeyimana.

MEP Christine Bakundufite noted that there are several flaws in already functional modules, for example when systems have different versions and where some employees’ records do not match their identifiers or social security numbers.

Speaking to parliamentarians, Fanfan Rwanyindo Kayirangwa, the Minister of Civil Service and Labor said the delay of the project is due to the fact that they have to carefully review each module before its deployment.

“Whenever we develop a module, it takes time to implement and we encountered unexpected challenges while developing the system. So we had to make sure to solve the challenges first before creating other modules ”

“However, the already functional modules are the main ones and more than 17 public institutions have used them, the modules include the online recruitment system, payroll management and employee performance, among others.

Rwanyindo said there is no specific timeline for when the remaining modules will be ready, adding that the ministry has hired more IT experts to work on the project and that they plan to make it accessible. and easy to use for all Rwandans who might need it. , and correct the existing flaws.

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