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WINDSOR, Connecticut., November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) announced today Limited Executor Trustees has selected the all-new SS&C Aloha investment trading platform for its new managed money accounts joint venture, Flint Wealth. SS&C Aloha provides Flint Wealth with comprehensive front-to-back asset class support within a single intuitive platform. In addition, Aloha enables the wealth management company to create a digital backbone to deliver investment services backed by leading machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and workflow technologies. clever.

Founded in 1881, Trustees Executors has gradually grown from its original trust and estate business to provide a full range of financial and fiduciary solutions. Recently, they have expanded to include account wealth management with the launch of Flint Wealth. SS&C Aloha’s unique data model, microservices architecture and digital capabilities were the main catalysts for the new investment service, which brings together diverse investments into an individual investment portfolio, professionally managed for an amount lump sum.

“Of the solutions we reviewed, SS&C Aloha was the best choice to meet our strategic vision for the new business,” said the CEO. Ryan bessemer. “We want to provide clients with a consolidated view of their investments, a wide range of potential investments and a great user experience. SS&C Aloha’s unique database supports this consolidated view, and its advanced API service based on an open architecture will allow us to connect with a variety of other vendors and sources of investment. In addition, the system’s automated real-time method of exchanging information and keeping everything in sync means customers will always have the latest information as part of the modern interface and rich digital experience.

The Executor Administrators will also provide back office capabilities and services to support new and existing portfolio administration products in addition to Flint Wealth through the Aloha platform. In addition, they will be integrated into the new Enterprise Service Bus of Trustees Executors: TE Connect.

“We are delighted to help Executor Trustees realize their vision of its new packaging offering and help them grow their operations,” said Christy bremner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SS&C Technologies. “Aloha’s integrated platform will be the digital backbone of Flint Wealth, reducing risks for its business partners and improving the customer experience.

SS&C Aloha powers this connected investment management environment through built-in exception-based workflows covering all of the investment transaction functions a wrap manager needs. Additionally, SS&C Aloha monitors results, reports issues, and suggests next steps, all within a single experiment. The next-generation platform is device independent, so customers can access their data and benefit from its rich digital experience where and how they want.

About executor trustees

Trustees Executors Limited was established in 1881 and is that of New Zealand the oldest trust company. The company offers a full range of financial and trust solutions to individuals, families and the corporate sector, including estate planning, trustee and investment advisory services.

Trustees Executors Limited is a licensed Financial Markets Supervisor and a leading provider of specialized corporate trustee and back office fund administration services to some of the that of New Zealand largest financial institutions, banks and fund managers.

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About SS&C Technologies

SS&C is a global provider of services and software for the financial services and healthcare industries. Founded in 1986, SS&C is headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, and has offices around the world. Some 18,000 healthcare and financial services organizations, from the world’s largest companies to small and medium-sized businesses, trust SS&C with its expertise, scale and technology.


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