Regency for Expats Blazer Trail with the launch of a new coverage of security services


HONG KONG, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Regency for expatriates announced the expansion of its security services to include a new benefit – security consulting and advice – and the addition of 175 security personnel stationed at Regency’s international offices. The caliber of new recruits, including the ex-Special Fire Arms Command, Metropolitan Police, British Army Intelligence, Scotland Yard and even US Intelligence Officers, reflects the complex and ever-changing security challenges facing the world. .

5 years ahead of the competition

Regency for Expats, underwritten by Regency Insurance, has always been a pioneer, 5 years ago they introduced terrorism coverage, and today they are still the only international insurer to provide hostage negotiation, kidnapping, hijacking and new service of consultation and security advice, standard in all policies.

Intel 24/7 Global Security

Regency’s security team informs individuals and organizations of specific security concerns prior to travel, such as that of Santo Domingo assessment as a “critical threat location” in “OSACs”Dominican Republic Crime and Security Report 2020 ”. Late-breaking information can help minimize risk exposure and lower premiums. Likewise, if a client finds themselves caught in the middle of a dangerous event, such as an uprising or war, Regency can provide crucial contact details for those on the ground.

Director of the Regency for Expatriates, Jonathan wright, explains: “As global specialists in expatriate insurance, our policies reflect the increasing level of risk in the world. Unlike other insurance providers, we have made the logical decision to include terrorism coverage as standard. holders have peace of mind knowing that steps can be taken to minimize exposure to risk, and should the worst happen, assistance can be provided. “

About Regency Assurance

Regency Assurance is a global insurer specializing in expatriate insurance and a key player in the implementation of cross-border and international financial regulations. The launch of Security Consultation and Advice is the final step in the company’s long-term growth strategy.

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