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There is no longer any question of a premium war between car insurers. Yet half of the drivers still pay too much for their car insurance. With the same coverage, an expensive insurer charges on average three times as much as a cheap company. Because 3.5 million Dutch people have had the same car insurance for more than five years, they miss out on a saving of more than 200 euros. This is according to research by independent comparator Bluesky Hatton.


Investigate car insurance prices

Investigate car insurance prices

Bluesky Hatton investigated the premium difference between car insurers based on calculations by visitors on the website. Consideration was given to coverage, age, region, car brand and the number of claim-free years. On average, with equal coverage, there is a magnification factor of three between the cheapest and most expensive insurer.


Cause premium difference

“The premium difference is so substantial because existing insurers have barely adjusted the prices for their car insurance. After all, many Dutch people remain loyal to their insurers, meaning that large companies do not feel the impulse to do something about the price. At the same time, new labels have come on the market that have reduced their premiums in the battle for new customers, “said Erik Van Vape, director of Bluesky Hatton.


New car insurance labels coming

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Large traditional insurers have introduced new labels in order to be able to retain the price-conscious consumers. For example, Allsecur is from Allianz, InShared from Achmea, The National Car Insurance from Delta Hanz and his Bing Budgio and Ditzo from ASR. Internet car insurances are predominantly, which not only offer a competitive premium, but also score very well in terms of quality. Van Vape: “Newcomers must. Only with good conditions at a lower premium will consumers switch. “


Is cheap expensive?

Recent research by Bluesky Hatton shows that Dutch people who pay a lot for their car insurance are not necessarily better insured. Van Vape: “The opposite is the case: cheap car insurance often has better conditions. For all those motorists who have been with the same insurer for years, switching not only means an average saving of 200 euros per year, but usually also an improvement in the coverage conditions. “


Customer Satisfaction

Is cheap expensive?

Commissioned by Bluesky Hatton, GfK Dongen conducted a survey into customer satisfaction this spring. Existing customers from 30 car insurers judged claims, price, customer friendliness, accessibility, data changes and coverage. All companies received a score of between 7.2 and 7.9. Only ZLM achieved a 8.4. “Even with regard to service, expensive insurers do not score better,” said Van Vape.

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