Phantom Space successfully conducts hot-firing test for new rocket

By launching the full stage of the vehicle in a simulated launch sequence, the startup reaches a milestone on the occasion of its 3rd anniversary

TUCSON, Ariz. , November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Phantom Space Corporation (phantom)a space applications company providing satellite launch and manufacturing services to commercial and government customers, today announced a successful hot-firing test at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Phantom’s Pathfinder test stage, powered by a single Hadley engine supplied by the Great Bearconducted a 60-second hot-firing test to validate the first and second stage systems that will be used in Phantom’s Daytona launch system.

This major milestone brings Phantom closer to its goal of launching its first Daytona rocket by the end of next year, four years after the start-up was founded. Further staged testing is planned for 2023, where the nine-engine first stage will be tested at Phantom’s Tucson-based test facility, currently under development.

Chris ThompsonPhantom CTO said, “I am very proud of the Phantom team and our partner Ursa Major Technologies who have achieved this major milestone in supporting the development of our Daytona launch system. The 60-second test performed at Spaceport America in New Mexico – our provisional test site, went very well. The test was completed for the total planned duration of 60 seconds with all vehicle and ground systems functioning normally, leading to a smooth shutdown. The Pathfinder test stage used in this test is a combination of first and second stage elements that allowed us to test all major elements of the Daytona launch system.”

The Daytona launcher will become the company’s workhorse capable of putting 450 kg into low Earth orbit for less than $4 million. Launches will take place from Phantom’s West Coast facility at Space Force Base Vandenberg and from Space Force Station Cape Canaveral and will service low-, medium-, and high-inclination orbits with routine flights from each coast.

Jim CantrellCEO and co-founder of Phantom, states that “This hot-firing test is an important milestone for us in the development of the Daytona launcher. The test proved that approximately 75% of the vehicle’s systems were in realistic flight conditions. and puts us firmly on track to test the first stage with its nine engines.”

Phantom plans to use mass production technology and techniques for the launch vehicle and satellite systems they build to reduce costs and increase the frequency of access to space for governments and groups. commercial. Together, this will reduce the barriers that prevent more organizations from quickly getting their assets and ideas into space and massively boost the space economy and ecosystem.

“The typical lead time for the orbital launch is around seven years, while Phantom is three years; the first launch is expected late next year. It’s a big day and today’s events today show that we are one step closer to helping businesses access space on their terms and in the most cost-effective way possible,” said Mark Lesterchief operating officer of Phantom.

Successful hot-firing test follows Phantom test purchase agreement with Ursa Majorthe only privately funded U.S. company focused solely on propulsion, for more than 200 rocket engines, including the 5,000-pound thrust Hadley engine powering the hot-firing test.

“Ursa Major is thrilled to support Phantom’s successful hot-firing test and take one step closer to flying our Hadley engines aboard the Daytona Launch System,” said Joe Lawrence, CEO and Founder of Ursa Major. “This is an important step in giving the space launch industry record time to market without sacrificing performance or cost. This step is just the beginning of the greater impact that partnerships like ours can have.

Phantom Space, using its own proprietary satellite designs, aims to be an all-in-one provider serving as a launch service, designer and builder of satellites, and manager of satellite farms or constellations.

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Phantom Space Corporation is a space services company providing comprehensive satellite manufacturing capabilities to businesses and governments: satellite design and production, rocket design and construction, launch services and constellation management. It was founded by Jim Cantrell and Michael D’Angelo, both inventors and entrepreneurs. The company aims to provide space technology and launch services that were previously only available to the largest conglomerates and the wealthiest nations, at less than half the cost of current launches. This will expand the market for new “space applications” even to small businesses and poor countries, expanding the distribution of beneficial technologies to the rest of the world. To learn more, visit

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