PGI to launch high-tech information system: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, March 26

PGI is set to launch its Advanced Hospital Information System Version 2 (HIS-2), in which healthcare services will be digitized and made patient-friendly.

The institute recently set up an SMS facility for laboratory testing.

The reputation of government hospitals for being difficult to navigate and apathetic to patient convenience is no longer acceptable to the public. It is expected that such programs will become the norm in an increasingly digitally connected world. — Prof Reena Das, Head of Hematology

As part of this initiative, once patients’ lab reports are ready, they receive an SMS notification on the registered number. The SMS also contains a link to download the PDF file of the report.

The initiative was designed by the IT section of PGIMER in collaboration with CDAC-Noida.

Professor Reena Das, Head of Hematology and Head of the new OPD Specimen Collection Center at PGIMER, said: ‘It is heartening to see relatives of patients who have not run from pillar to post to inquire about the reports and not knowing when the test results will be ready. Modern medicine relies heavily on investigation and often clinicians are unable to make decisions about patient care or advise them about their disease unless the detailed reports are ready,” Prof Das said.

“Previously, patients had to repeatedly check the status of their reports online or at various hospital windows, and queue to print those reports. With the launch of this facility, patients will be notified of their reports from the comfort of their homes and can schedule their next hospital visit at their convenience. With report download option, patients can print easily. Ultimately, this will also lead to decongested hospital areas and optimal utilization of support staff,” she added.

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