Petrol dd: Board of Directors of Petrol dd, Ljubljana sets date for share split Petrol dd, Ljubljana (PETG)

Based on resolutions 6.1 to 6.5 adopted at the 34th General Meeting of Shareholders of Petrol dd, Ljubljana, the Board of Directors of Petrol dd, Ljubljana will implement a corporate action, dividing the stock without par value of PETG . 1 PETG share will be split into 20 PETG shares, which means that the total number of PETG shares will increase from the current 2,086,301 to 41,726,020, while the share capital of EUR 52,240,977.04 will remain the same.

The corporate action will be implemented on the accounts of the holders of PETG shares who will be holders of these shares in the central register of the information system closing on October 28, 2022. The corporate action will be executed on November 1, 2022 which is a day holiday ; therefore, trading will not take place that day. October 26, 2022 will be the last day that trading in PETG shares and settlement of trades will occur in the same manner as before. On October 27 and 28, 2022, PETG shares will trade unchanged, but all trades entered into during these two days will be settled taking into account the share ratio. This means that the price, orders and trades presented publicly will be the same, but the trades will not be settled as concluded and presented publicly – the price per share and the quantity of shares will be automatically adjusted according to the stock split 1 :20 report. This will in no way affect the economic content of the transactions concluded because the same share of the issuer’s capital will be exchanged at the same purchase price. From November 2, 2022 inclusive, trading and settlement of transactions will be carried out under a new regime, which means that the volume of shares on the market will increase to 41,726,020 and their price will decrease, i.e. say it will be divided by 20. The Ljubljana Stock Exchange will delete all orders entered before this date, which means that the order book for PETG shares will be empty at the start of the trading day on November 2, 2022.

The PETG stock split will be done automatically for stockholders through KDD doo in the central securities register. Holders of PETG shares will not have to pay anything for the shares obtained on the basis of the division of PETG shares. The PETG stock split fee will not be charged to PETG stock holders. The stock split itself has no tax implications, since it is a corporate action where the value of the asset in the form of PETG shares does not change.


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