Over 2 million COVID certificates uploaded in Bulgaria



Sofia [Bulgaria], October 31 (ANI / Novinite): The total number of COVID certificates uploaded through the National Health Information System has exceeded 2 million. In the past 10 days alone, when the new anti-epidemic measures were introduced, consumers have downloaded a total of over 1.05 million documents, or 55% of the total number of certificates. The certificate generation system was put into service on June 1, 2021. As of October 25, 2021, nearly 263,000 downloads were recorded during the day, which is a record for the period. On the same day, the system recorded another record achievement – nearly 27,000 downloads in 60 minutes.

During peak hours, users download an average of 500 documents per minute, or nearly nine certificates per second. The data was officially presented by the executive director of information services AD Ivaylo Filipov to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Hristo Alexiev. “The certificate generation system built by Information Services AD has helped the Bulgarian economy to continue to function normally under conditions of reinforced anti-epidemic measures”, declared Ivaylo Filipov.

According to him, more than 30% of Bulgarian citizens already own and actually use the COVID certificate, which gives them access to public places where restrictive measures have been imposed. According to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Hristo Alexiev, nearly 50,000 people employed in schools and kindergartens already have the document, which allows them to perform their duties in the face of challenges. strict anti-epidemic measures.

“We are proud that Bulgaria was among the first seven countries to start issuing the document, 30 days before European Regulation (EU) 2021/953 became mandatory for all EU countries and among the 4 first countries to have started the validation of the COVID electronic certificate, “said Minister Hristo Alexiev. So far, the system has generated a total of 3,563 million certificates. Of these, about 1.5 million are documents for a completed vaccination cycle, and nearly 17,000 are documents for a booster dose.

Almost 1.3 million certificates have been issued for a negative coronavirus test result, and more than 178,000 were for COVID-19 patients, which were confirmed with a positive PCR result. Certificates generated with COVID-19 with a positive result of an antigen test are over 60,000. As of yesterday, the Bulgarian COVID CHECK BG validator, which was developed by Information Services AD, can now scan patient certificates with COVID-19, with a positive antigen test result, after Google approved the new version of the app.

It can be used to verify and scan visitor certificates in restaurants, halls, cinemas, theaters, sporting events and more. So far, the Bulgarian validator has been downloaded over 100,000 times from the Google Play Store. (ANI / Novinite)

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