Oppo launches custom Android 12 skin via ColorOS 12



Chinese phone maker Oppo has launched the global version of ColorOS 12, its new operating system that runs on Android 12. Oppo is among the first smartphone companies to release a customized version of the operating system, and ColorOS 12 is expected to reach flagship devices like the Find X3 Pro starting today, with the deployment of Oppo’s budget offerings scheduled for next year.

The Chinese version of ColorOS went live in September, but the international version is based on Android 12. This means it might give us a better picture of the new features available on Google’s latest mobile operating system, currently. available in public beta. While Oppo might not be a household name like Huawei, it is one of the top five phone makers in the world, with around 40 million users worldwide.

Oppo says it strives to give its users an experience that is as close to stock Android as possible. There are several distinct design philosophies guiding the development of ColorOS 12, including inclusiveness, increased productivity, and privacy.


ColorOS 12 tells you when apps are accessing sensitive information through things like your camera or microphone.


ColorOs incorporates Android 12’s new privacy dashboard allowing you to see which apps are using sensitive information like camera or location. A green dot will appear at the top right of the screen whenever an app uses these features. In addition, Oppo claims to have strengthened data compliance, stored and processed data on nearby servers rather than sending it to China. It comes as a growing list of countries are expressing concern over the use of Chinese phones due to long-standing privacy concerns. A branch of the Lithuanian government recently released a report urging people to throw away their Chinese phones.

As for inclusiveness, Oppo says it has worked with language experts to localize text in 67 different languages ​​and let you translate between languages ​​using its smart sidebar. without change application. The company says it has also extended the always-on feature to allow users to add Omojis, which is Oppo’s version of Apple’s Memoji. You can also add a portrait silhouette, a feature Oppo borrowed from OnePlus’ Oxygen operating system.

ColorOS 12 has a clearer appearance, reflecting its productivity theme, although the changes are subtle compared to ColorOS 5. For example, Oppo has removed some preloaded apps and reduced the density of information on the platform.

Oppo has also released its update timeline for the first time. The Find X3 series is expected to get ColorOS 12 today with a rollout to the Find X2 series slated for November. The company also guarantees three years of major Android updates for its flagship Find X series.

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