OneVision adds a form generation function to its software



OneVision has released version 21.1 of the software, allowing print service providers to generate forms based on individual requirements for printing, embellishment, finishing machines, and different properties of the artwork.

The new software version speeds up the setup of print forms and enables more efficient use of the substrate. Print jobs received through an online store or sales department are transmitted to Generate Print Form along with all job information from the MIS or ERP system.

Alternatively, job information including customer data can be entered directly into the software and print files can be uploaded manually. The Generate Print Form function can therefore be used by printers which, until now, have operated without a management information system (MIS). As a mini-MIS, it can be used to manually create jobs, including job and client information, job tracking, and the print file download function.

“All production machines and materials, including their specifications, are created as master data in the software itself. Users can specify which combinations of press and post press machines are suitable for which substrate or job, ”the company said. “Once these adjustments are made, the software intelligently and accurately creates print forms to suit the quantity and type of print files and the demands of the production machines.

“The free-form works of art are nested or grouped, the rectangular elements are space-saving or placed in stages and repeats, and the round objects are positioned by honeycomb. In addition, classic prepress tasks such as due diligence, color management, transparency flattening, and file normalization are handled automatically. If desired, the user can step in and adjust the placement by hand. The software allows full automation of print form setup and prepress control and correction, as well as manual intervention on demand. ‘

As soon as a print form is ready, the Generate Print Form function adds the print marks needed by the finishing machines for cutting or embellishing. Once the user is satisfied with the layout of the print form, production can be started with a single click and the data is transferred to the press. Finishing and cutting information is automatically sent to post press machines.


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