Novotech joins the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) to democratize and accelerate clinical trials


HONG KONG, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Novotech Health Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Novotech”) joins a historic alliance of over 100 life science and health organizations seeking to accelerate the large-scale adoption of decentralized, patient-centered clinical trials and research . The Alliance for Decentralized Testing and Research (DTRA) ( ), which was launched in December 2020, brings together industry stakeholders including healthcare companies, regulators, patient groups and research organizations with a unique mission to make participation in clinical trials widely accessible by advancing policies, research practices and new technologies in decentralized clinical research.

“We are delighted to join DTRA and help accelerate the development of virtual assays in the Asia Pacific region, ”said Dr John moller, CEO of Novotech. “Virtual trials give patients better access to important clinical trials conducted in our region, “ he added.

“We are pleased to welcome Novotech to the ‘Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance’, “ mentionned Amir Kalali, MD, founder of several collaborative life science communities and co-chair of DTRA. “By advancing decentralized research, we can make the clinical trial process more patient-focused, increase trial efficiency and encourage the use of technologies. We are excited about Novotech’s commitment to embrace decentralized testing.

Decentralized approaches to conducting research facilitate the participation of a more diverse patient population.

“Now is the time to share ideas and ideas that will shape the future course of clinical trials, accelerate drug development and save lives – and by participating in DTRA, Novotech is showing leadership in driving change,” said Craig Lipstick, co-chair of DTRA, clinical innovation advisor and pioneer in decentralized trials. “We have a responsibility to advance the health of people with unmet medical needs, and by bringing together stakeholders from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, regulators, technology leaders and patient communities, we can remove the remaining barriers to adoption and impact patients today. ”

Novotech partners with its DTRA counterpart member organizations to provide expertise to identify and fill gaps and needs and advance best practices through effective education and communication.

About Novotech

Novotech is a leader Asia Pacific specialist in CRO biotechnologies and consists of two operating brands, “Novotech” and “PPC”. Novotech is a full-service clinical CRO with laboratories, phase I facilities, and drug development advisory services. She has accumulated experience in more than 3,700 clinical projects, including phase I to IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. Novotech is positioned to serve biopharmaceutical customers conducting clinical trials in Asia and globally. From March 31, 2021, Novotech had a total of 1,765 FTEs working in our offices in 11 geographies in Asia Pacific and United States. For more information visit


The Alliance for Decentralized Testing and Research (DTRA) ( ) was convened to enable stakeholder collaboration to accelerate the adoption of decentralized, patient-centered clinical trials and research in life sciences and healthcare through education and of research. It strives to make participation in research accessible to all, through the consistent and widespread adoption of appropriate decentralized research methods. Follow DTRA on Twitter ( ) and LinkedIn ( ) for more information.

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