New Data Mynt Crypto Payment Processing Platform Offers Merchants Simple and Stable Crypto Payments |

Merchants and businesses can immediately accept crypto with new Data Mynt payment processing services.

OAKLAND, CA., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retailers and businesses now have an easy and stable way to embrace crypto payments using the new crypto payment processing solution from Data Mynt, a leading provider of online payment products. cryptocurrency. Data Mynt’s solution is a robust in-store, cloud-native crypto payment option for global retailers, designed for seamless integration.

Data Mynt’s patent-pending technology allows merchants and businesses to expand their payment options for their customers and partners while allowing parties to retain significantly more of their crypto assets when transacting on blockchains. public blocks. At the same time, it reduces payment processing costs and eliminates frictions such as chargebacks and crypto price volatility.

Blockchain, wallet and asset-agnostic, the new payment processor allows customers to pay the way they choose, using their mobile crypto wallet, blockchain and cryptocurrency of choice. Ethereum Mainnet was the first blockchain to go live.

“You don’t even need to understand cryptography to use our payment platform,” noted the CEO of Data Mynt Alexander Christian. “It’s just a classic win-win. Customers like to pay with crypto, and businesses like to pay customers, plus lower crypto transaction fees.”

Data Mynt’s dedicated global sales team began rolling out its payment platform in Q1 2022.

About Data Mynt

Data Mynt is a crypto payment processor based in Oakland, California. Its wallet, asset and blockchain solutions offer partners and merchants an omnichannel approach to accepting crypto payments without the volatility and risks and costs of traditional payment methods. The Data Mynt payment platform is also designed to streamline implementation through API, branded webpage, iFrame, and merchant app, while consistently delivering a seamless customer experience.

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