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Rockville, Md., August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From 2020 and into 2022, the coronavirus pandemic had a significant effect on consumer habits. Packed Facts’ May 2022 The national online consumer survey indicated that 30% of consumers were still eating more fresh produce than before the pandemic.

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, growing concerns about animal health, welfare and the environment led more and more consumers to turn to plant-based diets.

The pandemic has increased interest in healthy diets and lifestyles, and in turn has led to a growing awareness of plant-based diets. Additionally, inflation and supply issues leading to high meat and dairy prices make flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diets more appealing. According to new report from Packaged Facts Vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumerssome consumers abstain from animal products by going vegan or vegetarian, but many others simply reduce their consumption of animal products with a flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet.

This Packaged Facts report analyzes the dynamics of the current landscape of herbal and plant-based diets and eating philosophies. The demographics, preferences, and psychography of vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and flexitarians are examined alongside those of omnivores. Trends, including consumer use of plant-based alternatives, reasons for diet and lifestyle choices, retail and restaurant trends, and effects of the pandemic of COVID-19 on consumers are also studied.

The reasons for and implications of changes in consumer perception and behavior are analyzed in the context of present and future market opportunities.

This report also presents outlook for foods relevant to plant-based diets. This includes:

  • the size of the plant-based foods (plant-based meals and meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and egg alternatives) market in 2021
  • historical figures and forecasts of consumption and production of fresh produce in dollars and pounds
  • discussion of meat consumption per capita
  • historical figures and forecasts for dairy, meat, poultry and seafood shipments in dollars and inflation-adjusted dollars

Additionally, the report contains dozens of tables featuring numerical survey data on consumer demographics and psychographics and numerous marketing photographs. This report details COVID-19 trends affecting the food and beverage market.

For more information see the Vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers report page.

Particular attention is devoted to the market impact of e-commerce and the coronavirus pandemic.

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