Komatsu to acquire Mine Site Technologies

Equipment maker Komatsu plans to acquire Australian operational optimization developer Mine Site Technologies (MST Global), allowing it to leverage the latter’s digital ecosystem platforms for underground mining.

Komatsu said it expects to complete the acquisition on July 1, 2022, but did not disclose further financial details. It intends to take advantage of this acquisition to expand its offer of automation and remote operation of underground mining equipment.

Komatsu is particularly interested in MST Global’s communication device and position tracking system integrations, its high-speed, low-latency digital communication networks, as well as its position tracking and motion detection solutions. proximity.

MST Global’s products include the underground digital ecosystem platforms HELIX and AXON, which allow miners to use remote operations centers (ROCs) and a real-time geospatial digital twin to advance their digital mining strategies. underground mining.

“As global demand for critical resources forces Komatsu customers to go underground for mineral deposits, the company is rapidly developing new technologies, equipment and solutions to meet future industry needs,” Komatsu’s statement read. ,

“Komatsu plans to work with MST Global to help customers create digital ecosystems with real-time information and alerts, voice and communications technologies, software solutions, robust network infrastructure, and wireless and geospatial technologies” .

The companies plan to work together to increase the availability of high-speed, low-latency digital communications for mission-critical communications. Other projects will include integrating Internet of Things sensors, increasing the volume of reported information, and real-time tracking, monitoring and automation of mining operations.

“Komatsu and MST share a common vision that underground mining will continue to grow in importance and size. They also have an aligned strategy to rapidly develop new technologies, equipment and solutions to meet future industry needs,” a statement on the MST website wrote. .

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