Know the 10 Best Image Processing Python Libraries You Should Know in 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 31, 2022

Python image processing libraries are essential for computer vision and machine learning tasks

Data Scientists are working on pre-processing the images before fitting them into machine learning and artificial intelligence models. They have to use image processing tools for several machine learning as well as deep learning tasks. During this time, Python is a very popular and trending programming language with a wide variety of Python libraries. Thus, it is essential to use Python libraries for image processing while performing all machine learning tasks. Let’s explore some of the top ten image processing Python libraries to use in 2022 effectively and efficiently.

Top Ten Image Processing Python Libraries to Use in 2022


Scikit-Image is one of the best open source Python image processing libraries for being a collection of image processing algorithms. It is restriction-free, high-quality, and consists of peer-reviewed code. It covers segmentation algorithms, geometric transformations, analysis, feature detection and many more. It is popular for working with NumPy arrays as image objects.


SciPy is a well-known Python library for image processing and is also known as scipy.ndimage. It offers a wide range of general image processing and analysis functions designed to work with multiple arrays of arbitrary dimensionality. There are several functions that share common properties with a more efficient output argument. Ndimage is a short term for an n-dimensional image with common tasks such as basic manipulations, image filtering, classifications, opening and writing to image files, and many more.


Mahotas is a popular Python computer vision and image processing library with several algorithms implemented in C++ for efficient speed. This image processing tool is known to work in Numpy arrays with a clean Python interface. It consists of more than 100 functions for image processing like watershed, random, convolution, morphological processing and many more.


Pillow is one of the well-known Python libraries for image processing and is popular for image archiving and batch processing applications. It allows adding image processing functionality to Python interpreters while providing extensive file format support and efficient internal representation. This image processing tool is designed for faster access to data stored in a basic pixel format. One can create thumbnails, convert between file formats, print images and many more.


OpenCV is one of the most popular image processing tools for computer vision and image processing tasks for several different applications. It is an open source Python library for processing images and videos for facial recognition, object identification, as well as human writing. It consists of several numerical operations with a combination of Numpy. The image processing library helps convert images into multi-dimensional arrays to simplify manipulation.


SimpleITK is one of the best open-source and cross-platform to be an image processing Python library. It is known to support both 2D and 3D images with a selected set of pixel types for them. There is a registration framework for rapid alignment of 2D and 3D intra and intermodality images with an abundance of filters for image segmentation workflows. There is a wide range of tools to evaluate segmentation results to support 20 image file formats with easy conversion between formats.


matplotlib is very useful for being an image module for working with images in Python. It also includes two useful methods which are used to read the images as well as to display the image. It specializes in 2D array plots as a cross-platform data visualization library on Numpy arrays.


Numpy is a popular image processing Python library with ndarray for setting and changing pixel values, slicing images, concatenating images, etc. One can perform several image processing without using other Python libraries. It helps with color reduction, binarization, slice paste, positive or negative flip and many other features for efficient image playback and saving.


SimpleCV is a well-known open source framework for creating computer vision applications with image processing. It is an interface for open source computer vision libraries in Python with a readable interface for cameras, image manipulation, format conversion, feature extraction, etc. This helps to make computer vision tasks very simple and to simplify overly complex code.


Pgmagick is one of the best Python libraries for image processing for GraphicMagick library. It is also known as the Swiss army knife of image processing in the programming language community. The image processing tool consists of a set of tools and libraries to provide assistance in image editing as well as image manipulation.

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