iconectiv Trusted Communication Superheroes talk about protecting financial services firms and their customers from fraudsters

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Mobile phone numbers now rival Social Security and driver’s license numbers as the personal identifier consumers use to register for financial services. That’s why cell phone numbers are now the data of choice for account takeovers and other identity thefts. Fraudsters use social engineering to obtain a consumer’s phone number and transfer it to their device at a new service provider. This can then give them access to that consumer’s bank accounts, bitcoin, payment services and more by sending login passwords to the newly ported phone number. By the time the consumer or their financial institution finds out, the fraudsters may have taken control of access to the accounts.

As part of the ‘Fighting the Rise of Financial Crime’ panel discussion, telecommunications fraud expert iconectiv George Cray will explore how trusted communications superheroes in banks and other financial services companies are fighting back – proactively. Armed with an authoritative and continually updated repository of phone number porting information, Trusted Communications Fraud Fighter superheroes can now instantly verify who the current telecommunications service provider is and determine if a number has recently been worn or if a SIM card has changed. If so, a one-time passcode will not be sent to the phone and customer service agents may take additional steps to validate the person’s identity.


Industry leaders for this roundtable include:

  • George Cray, senior vice president, iconectiv

  • Brian Gorman, FinTech Vertical Lead, GSMA

  • Jonathan Morrow, Senior Director, T-Mobile DevEdge

  • Blair Cohen, President and Founder, AuthenticID

  • Guillaume Bourcy, Vice President, Data and Identity Solutions, TeleSign


September 28 at 11:30 a.m.


MWC Las Vegas 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall, W1

To arrange a meeting, send an e-mail [email protected]

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