How to Look for Credit Card Statement from the Internet?


Due to delays in postal service, credit card statement can reach consumers late. With this delay, the consumer may have passed the due date of the card. It is possible to make incorrect address notification during the application for the credit card or the consumer may not report this to the bank even after the address change.

Consumers who do not want to delay credit card payment due to these and similar reasons can easily view the statement of their card from the internet. Moreover, thanks to this process, the nature of the credit card account statement for printing is not slaughtered.


Using digital banking channels

Using digital banking channels

It is possible to look at your credit card statement via the internet branch of the bank to which your credit card belongs. However, in order to query your credit card statement over the internet, you must be a mobile user or a branch of the internet branch.

Because you are asked for your user information and password in order to access the internet banking securely. The internet branch, which allows banks to carry out almost all banking transactions, will also enable you to view your recent credit card statement quickly. Below you will find information on how to do this sırasıyla

The way to view the credit card statement from the internet is the same as in almost all banks’ internet branches. You will visit the official website of the relevant bank. You will continue with your personal passwords and information that we have created before.


For security purposes

For security purposes

you enter the password in the SMS that comes to your mobile phone number registered in the bank’s system. Immediately after entering the bank’s internet branch, you click on the My Cards menu. There is usually a section called im My Card Transactions ..

In this section, you can view your card information, learn about your card services, pay your credit card debt, apply for an additional card or check your credit card statement.


View a credit card statement from the internet

View a credit card statement from the internet

There is usually a section called im Account Summary Options ünde in the My Card Transactions menu. Using this section, you can view your final statement without wasting time and pay your debt without delay.

If you want your credit card statements to be sent to the e-mail address you specify periodically and automatically, you can notify your bank for this. Banking channels that you can use for notification; branches, customer service, ATMs and internet banking.

Through these channels, you can have periodically sent the statement of the credit card product you use to your e-mail address which you can define to your bank system or to your existing defined e-mail address.

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