HAPS Alliance Flight Test White Paper Shows Communication Opportunities

The HAPS Alliance, an international association of cross-sector actors working to build an ecosystem of high altitude platform stations (HAPS), today announced the publication of its new white paper entitled “Bridging the Digital Divide with Aviation in the Stratosphere – HAPS Flight Test Results Show Path to Unlock Stratospheric Communications ”, which is available as a free downloadable document. Written by the HAPS Alliance Aviation Working Group, the authoritative document highlights how members have tested and improved HAPS vehicles and communication systems to bring connectivity to more people, places and things around the world.

The aeronautical tests and use cases described in the white paper reveal the potential of HAPS technology to provide greater connectivity as well as to support a wide range of applications, including Earth observation, Earth observation, disaster management, mobility communications and humanitarian missions. Telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace companies, as well as public and educational institutions, will benefit from the information and ideas in the document.

“As the HAPS landscape and the aviation ecosystem continue to evolve, the flight test techniques and use cases required to unlock the potential of the stratosphere and provide increased connectivity and support for a wide wide range of applications, ”said Andy, chairman of the HAPS Alliance Aviation working group. Thurling. “A lot has changed and a lot has been learned over the past few years, and our white paper highlights new updates and additional use cases from Alliance members. The paper also notes how the legacy of pioneer HAPS and co-founder of the Loon Alliance opens up new opportunities in the industry and helps overcome the challenges that lie ahead. We thank the members of the HAPS Alliance Aviation working group for their contributions to this document.

To exploit the wider market opportunity, HAPS solutions in the stratosphere must operate in harsh thermal conditions, including temperatures as low as -90 ° C. White paper shows how HAPS Alliance member organizations are responding these challenges to build a cooperative ecosystem. In fact, by 2029, the HAPS market is expected to reach a value of $ 4 billion, according to Northern Sky Research. The paper describes how solutions from members of the HAPS Alliance Aviation working group unlock the potential of the stratosphere, closing a capacity gap between terrestrial networks and satellites 18 to 50 kilometers above the earth’s surface.

“As we move towards 2022, the HAPS Alliance continues to advance the HAPS ecosystem. Our new Aviation White Paper is a prime example of how the Alliance is accelerating the commercial adoption of HAPS technologies and building a robust HAPS ecosystem, which are our ultimate goals, ”said Gregory Ewert, Head of HAPS Alliance and Treasurer. “This document shows how the Alliance enables member companies to work to close the digital divide and expand connectivity around the world.”

Alliance members collectively advocate for the benefits of HAPS to relevant authorities in various countries, build a cooperative HAPS ecosystem, develop common product specifications, and promote standardization of HAPS network interoperability. The Alliance brings together some of the world’s most recognized companies in telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace.

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