Hainan Data Breakthrough: Beijing HangJu and Jessica’s Secret Jointly Launch Hainan Passenger Profile and Tourism Report



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Over the past 30+ years, Beijing HangJu’s parent company, TravelSky (中国 航 ä¿¡) *, has implemented four business information systems covering booking, departure, distribution and payment of tickets. which as a whole has supported the development of computerization of China’s civil aviation industry. . Its services cover more than 300 national cities and more than 100 international cities.

TravelSky provides technical support and local services to nearly 40 domestic airlines, more than 20 regional and foreign airlines, more than 220 domestic airports, more than 140 foreign airports and more than 8,000 ticket agents. It has become the only large-scale civil aviation business information system network that operates independently in a developing country and maintains sustainable development.

CHINA. Beijing HangJu Credit Management Co (Beijing HangJu) and China’s leading specialist travel retail service provider Jessica’s Secret have entered into an important cooperation agreement to jointly deliver the first traveler analysis report for the retail market Hainan’s booming duty-free travel retail – the Hainan Passenger Profile and Tourism Report.

The new monthly report is available on preferential terms through The Moodie Davitt Report (see panel), which works closely with Jessica’s Secret.

The report will be available from November (including October figures). In announcing the deal, the two sides expressed their willingness to help travel retail brands and retailers better understand Chinese consumers in this key market.

Since Hainan is one of the most active duty-free and retail markets in the world, both sides are focused on creating the most accurate and up-to-date portrait of current consumer behavior on the Isle.

The Hainan Passenger Profile and Tourism report will help brands and retailers understand the characteristics of Hainan tourists from several angles, including latest tourist numbers, gender, frequency of trips, departure city and the mode of transport.

The data covers three major airports, Haikou Meilan International Airport, Sanya Phoenix International Airport, and Qionghai Bo’ao Airport. It is important to note that it also covers Haikou Xiuying Port and Haikou New Port. In addition to the aggregate data, the report will also contain a more detailed analysis of passengers traveling from various ports and airports in Hainan, for example the number and characteristics of passengers entering Hainan via Haikou Meilan International Airport and then exiting via other airports or terminals.

Special offer

The Hainan Passenger Profile and Tourism Report is available for a special “Friends of Moodie Davitt” * discount of $ 3,000 per month (typically $ 3,500) or $ 30,000 per year (typically $ 35,000).

Please contact [email protected] titled ‘Hainan Report’ to subscribe or for more information.

* Eligible businesses only

Commenting on the cooperation, Beijing HangJu said, “Jessica’s Secret is one of our main partners in the travel retail industry. We have already cooperated with Jessica’s Secret on several occasions, including the Hainan Tourism History Report sold to the public in July. We are deeply impressed by the company’s insight and expertise in travel retail. This cooperation will help the two sides to realize the cross-border exchange of data resources and extend the value of these data resources to accelerate the development of the travel retail industry. “

The founder and director of Jessica’s Secret, Mirko Wang, expressed his joy at this new cooperation. “There are different sources of data on the Chinese market, but Beijing Hangju is authoritative. He is one of our best partners. We believe that by working with Beijing HangJu, we can better help brands and retailers understand Chinese users as we continue to strive to provide better products and service.

Moodie Davitt Report Founder and Chairman Martin Moodie said, “We are delighted to help Beijing HangJju and Jessica’s Secret bring this vital new source of business intelligence to market. It will provide the first fully reliable and timely report on critical drivers of Hainan’s rapidly developing tourism and retail markets. “

* About Beijing Hangju and TravelSky technology

Beijing HangJu Credit Management Co Ltd (Beijing HangJu), founded in 2014, is an IT subsidiary of China TravelSky Technology Limited and has special knowledge of the air travel data industry in China. The company has first-hand data on Hainan’s air transport population, which is known to be reliable and authoritative.

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Beijing Hangju, founded in 2014, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China TravelSky Technology Limited (“TravelSky” – Hong Kong stock code 00696), specializing in cross-border big data.

TravelSky (中国 航 信) was founded in October 2000 by the Computer Information Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and all Chinese airlines at the time. It is a central enterprise administered by the Commission for the Supervision and Administration of State-owned Assets of the Council of State (SASAC). It is a high-tech, fully state-owned company specializing in providing information services for the airline and travel industry.

In July 2008, TravelSky, with TravelSky Technology Limited as its core, completed a restructuring of its main business and assets, and went public in Hong Kong as an integrated enterprise.

TravelSky is the world’s third largest distribution system (GDS) and has the largest Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) data center.

As the only company that lists Information Services as its core business among those under SASAC, TravelSky provides Air Information Technology Services which consists of a series of products and solutions for global airlines, airports, ticket agents, travel companies, hotels and relevant civil services. aeronautical institutions and international organizations.

The Beijing Headquarters of China TravelSky Holding Company Limited (TravelSky)

Beijing HangJu manages the external data compliance, data cooperation and credit investigation services for TravelSky. It provides its clients with a full range of data and information consulting services. The travel data resources used by Beijing HangJu are based on TravelSky’s host business processing system, covering the entire travel process of passenger services, which is characterized by the efficiency of its data and related information. .

About Jessica’s Secret

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica’s Secret underwent a transformation and upgrade. In addition to enhancing its popular worldwide tax-free price comparison app, Jessica’s Secret, the company has expanded to include data analysis and industry reporting services.

Oriental Travel Retail Observer (OTRO, one of its signature reports, has received widespread critical acclaim and has become increasingly influential in the travel retail industry.

Another of its new flagship products, Aitracking Travel Retail Price Analysis System, is also purchased by several major brands and retailers.

Jessica’s Secret founder Mirko Wang, who has worked in the travel retail industry for over six years, has extensive knowledge of the duty-free industry in China and Chinese consumers. He has participated in forums and workshops hosted by Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, CICC, HSBC and other leading investment banks and has given numerous keynotes, analyzing trends and changes within the market travel retail.

The company also provides data for the famous Jessica’s Secret Index, produced on its behalf by The Moodie Davitt Report, which provides an indicator of what is in fashion with the app’s predominantly younger Chinese traveler user base. The results do not represent sales rankings (especially during the current crisis) but provide useful insight into Chinese consumer interest on a monthly basis.


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