G7 Connect and E6 Technology announce the completion of their merger

The merger will create the largest and most influential software services provider in the industry, with businesses spanning key vertical markets spanning both manufacturing and consumer logistics. The Group’s customers include major players in the trillion yuan road freight transport market. With its product portfolio serving as a one-stop digital service that integrates subscriptions and transactions, the combined entity consolidates the technology advantages of the two previous companies, making it the only technology company in the industry to provide a full range of Internet of things ( IoT) software services as a service (SaaS).

The Group is well positioned to provide its customers with more competitive premium services by optimizing its supply chain and service networks and reducing its procurement and operating expenses. It also plans to continue investing in technology and R&D to provide customers with valuable data-driven products, with the goal of facilitating an industry-wide upgrade to a connected supply chain. supported by data intelligence.

G7 and E6 were among the few fleet management companies able to provide IoT SaaS solutions due to substantial investments in IoT, data, algorithms and software technologies, as well as the continued strengthening of their respective technological advantages. as a means of creating barriers to competitors. Both companies had also explored and implemented differentiated approaches based on their respective core competencies. Notably, the G7 had established a leadership role in software subscription with IoT technology, as well as global capacity and transactions across sweat, energy, insurance and equipment, while that the E6 had been dedicated to providing software subscription services to large freight owners and logistics providers, becoming a leader in the field of consumer logistics including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) , retail, food and cold chain logistics.

“Although the sector’s digital transformation journey has only just begun, freight cooperators are eager to change the way they operate and achieve business success through the application of digital solutions,” said the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Zhai. “The combination of G7 and E6 allows us to invest more firmly in technology and create more value for our customers through data-driven products.”

“Before the merger, both companies believed in helping customers succeed and drive industry change through IoT SaaS services, while post-merger the shared belief became our common ambition,” said the vice president, Mr. Zhang. “We plan to continue to provide premium products and services with the goal of building an exceptional SaaS business with an ongoing commitment to creating value for customers.”

G7, a leading IoT SaaS service provider for the road freight industry, has served a wide range of small, medium and large freight managers with software subscriptions and IoT-based transaction services. The company, by continuing its technological innovations and expanding its portfolio, led the industry in terms of software subscriptions as well as transaction services for transport capacity, energy, insurance and equipment. E6, a pioneer of IoT SaaS services for the industry, had been dedicated to providing customers with IoT-based software subscription services, with a focus on large freight owners and logistics companies. With an ongoing commitment to tightly managed operations and superior services, the company has earned a reputation as a dark horse in the FMCG, retail, food and cold chain segments.

As two leaders in the field of IoT technology and software services, G7 and E6 have focused on providing IoT technology and software to large freight owners and logistics providers as well as tens of thousands freight managers. Prior to the merger, the two companies together served more than 80% of China large freight owners and logistics providers, in addition to helping nearly 30,000 small and medium-sized freight managers improve efficiency and increase revenue.

The merger received strong support from shareholders of both companies. AnJie Law Firm, Llinks Law Offices, Global Law Office, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Deloitte, KPMG and Boston Consulting Group provided professional services for the transaction and integration efforts. Following the completion of the merger, Global Logistic Properties’ private equity arm, Hidden Hill Capital, TencentCainiao Smart Logistics Network and other investors have each appointed representatives to the group’s board of directors in tandem with carrying out specific tasks to further deepen their business collaboration.

¹ Freight Manager refers to companies that manage road freight operations and business activities, including large, medium and small freight owners, logistics companies, owned fleets, outsourced fleets, trading, manufacturing companies, etc. According to a BCG research report, approximately 700,000 freight administrators carry about 85% of China volume of road freight and are major players in the road freight market.

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