FSIS Stops Salmonella Sampling of Raw Catfish in All Raw Fish

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a notice advising Inspection Program Personnel (IPPs) that FSIS will cease sampling for Salmonella sampling of raw fish in domestic and imported products.

The final rule “Mandatory inspection of fish of the order Catfish and products derived from these fish” (80 FR 75590; December 2, 2015) amended the Agency’s regulations to establish a mandatory inspection program for these fish and products derived from these fish. FSIS conducted exploratory sampling to Salmonella in raw fish to monitor its presence.

FSIS inspection program personnel are notified that the agency is shutting down Salmonella sampling of raw fish in domestic and imported products. After July 13, 2022, IPP will no longer receive sampling tasks for project codes:

If there are any remaining sampling jobs after July 13, 2022, IPP must cancel the remaining sampling jobs and select “Not collected for various reasons” as the cancellation reason.

IPPs must return all unused shipping containers and sampling supplies after July 13, 2022, including the FedEx overnight chargeable stamp, to the FSIS laboratory that provided these materials to the IPP. IPP must submit a request through the Public Health Information System or Outlook for a pre-addressed FedEx ground shipping invoice. If you submit the request via Outlook,

Direct questions regarding this notice to a supervisor and, if necessary, to the Office of Policy and Program Development by telephone at 1-800-233-3935. Refer to FSIS Directive 5620.1using ask FSISfor more information on submitting questions.

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