Frost & Sullivan honors Tampa Electric Company and Warren, Simpson & Butler County Water Districts with Itron Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards

Utility and Industry Players Strive to Improve Energy Ingenuity with Cutting-Edge Intelligence-Based Applications

SAN ANTONIO, September 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce that Tampa Electric Company (TEC) and Warren County Water District, Simpson County District and Butler County Water System as recipients of its seventh annual Excellence in Ingenuity Award in collaboration with Itron. The awards, which were presented today to Itron Inspire 2022recognize utilities and municipalities that use innovative products and services to minimize electricity, gas and water waste.

Winner in the energy category, Tampa Electric Company has taken a highly strategic and methodical approach to successfully completing a clean energy transition. For example, TEC’s Energy Planner program is an automated price-based demand response program. These technologies include Itron’s Gen™X load control switch, IntelliSOURCE® Company, and smart metering solutions. Customers can expect to see up to 10% savings on their electricity bill while allowing the utility to lose up to 3.1 kW during winter peak and 2.0 kW during summer peak since 2008.

“Along with this highly successful program, Tampa Electric Company is investing in the future by monetizing its $500 million Investing in Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) by deploying Itron’s results-driven distributed intelligence applications aimed at decarbonization and climate resilience. All applications are powered by distributed intelligence, allowing Tampa Electric Company to effectively use real-time data at the edge,” noted Farah Said, Search | Director Energy & Environment Growth Advisory at Frost & Sullivan. “Deployment of these highly sophisticated IoT systems requires collaboration with a highly innovative technology solutions provider such as Itron, which not only has decades of network modernization projects under its belt, but also has the largest number of platforms -IoT-enabled forms recognized by peers and customers.”

Winner in the water category, three counties in Kentucky comprising 40,800 residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial customers on 2,110 miles of distribution trunk – Warren County Water District, Simpson County District and Butler County Water – joined forces to improve water ingenuity. According to a report produced by the Kentucky Water Resources Information System (WRIS), non-revenue water loss in the state was approximately 24% in 2018, far exceeding the national average of 16%. The causes of this level of loss included ruptured and leaking water mains, inaccurate meter readings, and flushed water mains, among other issues. To address this issue, counties have deployed Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and AMI across their jurisdictions.

“Along with this project, WSB also installed 13,600 Itron Acoustic Leak Sensors which are seamlessly integrated with the AMR and AMI system,” Saeed said. “Since the start of this project, the three counties combined have been able to detect 371 leaks (equivalent to 76 million gallons of water) and have been able to notify 916 customers of customer leak issues. Those These would otherwise go unnoticed without investments in AMR and AMI.In return, the savings on non-revenue water can be used to fund the development of additional infrastructure that will serve the entire community.

As part of the selection process, Frost & Sullivan conducted extensive research and interviews and assessed utilities against industry best practices and decision criteria, including societal impact and business impact for each category. Societal impact indicators included improved customer awareness and engagement, potential for behavioral change to reduce waste through customer engagement and technology-driven programs, and achieving impressive waste reduction results that benefit the entire community served. Business impact indicators included developing a clear vision to address excessive waste through the implementation of technology, achieving operational efficiencies through a successful strategy for sustainability and strengthening the brand image of a utility as a leader in sustainability.

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