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Eric del Castillo thinks of Carmen Salinas and they see him again | .

Unfortunately Carmen Salinas was in front of us on the east road December 9, a situation that made the Mexican people cry, but not all words about them were received.

This is what happened to famous actor Eric del Castillo, who upset Carmelita fans a bit, all because of well-meaning comments for him.

And is this the famous father of Kate del Castillo I wanted to underline the great intelligence with which Carmen Salinas acts, but the negative point is that she said that she is not very beautiful, which has prompted users to succeed her.

“They criticized me because I commented but I have all the reasons in the world, Carmelite She was not very beautiful, she did not have a sculptural body, however, she had enough intelligence to succeed in this race in every way, ”he commented.

Of course, he only wanted to showcase the great talent and intelligence of his former colleague, he admired her very much and considered that one of his strengths was his excellent form of communication.

“I recognize that she was a wonderful woman, she knew how to adapt within the artistic world with intelligence, talent, friendships, in short, a very intelligent woman apart from her great gifts of artist, actress, especially its great power of communication. he made people love the whole world ”.

Eric del Castillo spoke about Carmen Salinas trying to highlight something good and users misinterpreted it.

Recall that the famous Carmen Salinas has worked in many telenovelas, Mexican films and of course also in her work as a producer of the adventurer, in which she also had her own role.

He had a long history in show business and in Show News we will continue to share the most interesting news from this media and of course also interesting situations that occur in the world of social networks.

Recall that it was around 11:30 pm that Carmen Salinas finally left to rest in peace after a month of intensive care after having suffered a stroke. It was Juan Osorio who announced on social networks that this night would be remembered as very sad because unfortunately Mexico would have lost one of its legends.

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