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Ultra-reliable cellular connectivity across different carrier networks—at the same time and with real-time data—marks the future of commercial drone operations, airborne autonomous mobility

Auterion, the company building an open, software-defined future for enterprise drone fleets, is thrilled today to welcome Elsight to the growing Auterion ecosystem. Elsight provides absolute connection confidence for drones anytime, anywhere through its Halo communication module. With its small and lightweight form factor, Halo can easily be integrated into drones and other unmanned and autonomous systems, and will now be available to Auterion ecosystem partners through its integration with Skynode.

“Elsight is a leader in providing connectivity solutions for drones, and the integration of Halo further enhances connectivity functionality for Auterion customers,” said Markus Achtelik, Vice President of Engineering at Auterion. “Halo manages connections with different carriers at the same time, combining multiple flexible communication links with advanced link algorithms to provide a multi-network and agnostic solution ideal for communications in flights beyond line of sight (BVLOS ). These flights are quickly becoming the present and the future of commercial drone use.

Absolute connection confidence

Communications and data connectivity are crucial to the use of enterprise drones in all industries. Radio frequency connectivity can suffer from range and line-of-sight issues. Satellite connectivity has excellent range, coverage and availability, but latency and budget can be issues. Reliable cellular connectivity meets all terrain, bandwidth and cost requirements. With Halo, Elsight has provided a multi-SIM solution that connects to multiple mobile carriers and checks for compromised channels resulting from communication “dead zones”. Halo automatically redirects to the channel best suited to the needs of the mission.

“We are excited about the integration of Halo with Skynode,” said Ronny Vatelmacher, vice president of product and business development at Elsight. “Halo’s state-of-the-art module offers near 100% reliability and security. It provides full redundancy, high bandwidth, low latency, data security and overall operational security by consolidating all available IP, 4G, LTE and 5G cellular and other links as needed into a single bonded link. Combine this with Auterion’s Autonomous Mobility Platform and you have an unbeatable BVLOS solution, increasing your chances of obtaining regulatory certification. Robust flight control systems like Auterion’s Skynode are important for regulators considering BVLOS drone operations. Of course, the integration also helps with VLOS, when there are areas where reception from a specific carrier is poor.

Auterion’s open ecosystem continues to expand to provide customers with solutions that provide greater flexibility and choice and meet enterprise quality, scale and regulatory needs.

“Auterion’s partnership with Elsight is the continued execution of our strategy to build the largest drone ecosystem based on open source and open standards, which offers end users the best options,” added Auterion’s Markus Achtelik. “Our ecosystem flywheel is what drives our platform’s growth. More and more partners are joining the Auterion ecosystem which, in turn, attracts more partners. This cycle leads to better solutions for end users.

About Elsight

Elsight offers absolute connection confidence, 24/7. Our proprietary bonding technology integrates both software and hardware elements to provide extremely reliable, secure, high-bandwidth, real-time connectivity in even the most challenging areas for fixed, portable or actively mobile situational requirements.

Learn more at https://www.elsight.com/.

About Auterion

Auterion is building the world’s first autonomous mobility platform for businesses and governments to better capture data, perform high-risk work remotely, and deliver goods with drones. Auterion’s open source platform has been designated by the US government as the standard for its future drone program. With more than 70 employees in offices in California, Switzerland and Germany, Auterion’s global customer base includes GE Aviation, Quantum-Systems, Freefly Systems, Avy, Watts Innovations and the US Government.

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