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Whitewater is home to many different options to better meet your sustainment needs. Whether it’s more accessible ways to shop for groceries or ways to give back to your community. Especially with the holidays just around the corner, it’s easier to know your options.

Instacart is an organization founded in June 2012 that makes shopping easier for city residents across the United States. Recently, on October 13, 2021, Instacart extended its services to residents of the town of Whitewater. This service offers delivery and pickup options for retail needs. Some of the retail options include Woodman’s Food Market, Festival Foods, Best Buy, Target, and many more. Anyone can go to the Instacarts site, www.instacart.com, and enter their address or area code, and retail options will be generated based on your needs. You can buy anything from groceries to pharmaceuticals. It’s a very simple and easy way to get the things you need without the hassle of busy stores, perfect for the holiday season ahead.

“I became a city dweller and wanted to know firsthand what obstacles the city had. I also wanted to find the best way to provide the community with what they need. Director of Economic Development Cathy Anderson talks about her move to Whitewater and wants to make it easier for every citizen to get what they need from their community. To learn more about Instacart in Whitewater, contact Kristin Mickelson at [email protected].

Giving back to your community is such an important thing that gets recognized during the holiday season. On the Whitewater campus there is a pantry where you can donate or use. The Warhawk Food Pantry is a safe environment designed for students on campus and is managed by Pantry Coordinator Fabiola Aranda as well as student assistants and volunteers.

It was established in 2018 and is designed to be a place not just for food, but for everyday needs. They store groceries as well as toiletries, school supplies and more. The pantry also has more information about community resources. It is represented by Student Affairs, the University Center, the Office of Sustainability and many others.

Warhawk Food Pantry is located under the Drumlin Dining Room in Room 143 and is open to the public Tuesday through Wednesday. 2 pm-5pm, or by appointment. They accept donations at all times and the bins are located at the University Center at the Information Services Office on the first floor. The pantry is open to everyone, they do not ask any student to declare their income or any other information. It is there simply for the students to use.

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