Decoding the Ocean of Data: Security Threat Context and Natural Language Processing

REGISTER TODAY ! Join security researchers Erick Galinkin from Rapid7 and Izzy Lazerson from IntSights as they discuss how non-experts can energize threat intelligence efforts in ways that were never possible before, with natural language processing.

There is a sea of ​​unstructured data on the Internet regarding the latest security threats: threat intelligence reports, tweets, vendor advisories, news sources, and more. Imagine if you could analyze this constant deluge of new information in real time, to discover and add new context to the specific cybersecurity threats impacting your business?

This is possible with natural language processing or NLP.

Unlike rule-based systems, which work well for specific tasks on structured data within your perimeter, NLP can process and analyze large amounts of data at a time, which is a feature that has already done its job. evidence in various contexts, from translation to chatbots. NLP can also be of tremendous value for cybersecurity applications, and recent advancements have made it accessible to those who are not professional data analysts.

In this Live interactive city hall on threats, sponsored by Rapid 7, participants will learn key concepts of NLP and how to use it to effectively navigate the ocean of data and add context to cybersecurity threats.

Join Rapid7 security researchers Erick Galinkin, IntSights Izzy Lazerson, and Threatpost reporter and webinar host Becky Bracken as they discuss:

  • How NLP works – without (too much) math!
  • Modern and real-life cybersecurity use cases
  • How NLP relates to artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Changes in the ecosystem that make NLP usable by non-experts
  • What makes NLP in cybersecurity unique
  • How Rapid7 uses NLP for threat intelligence and threat detection
  • Opportunities for Improvement as Technology Advances

register today to gain insight into this emerging technology from our security threat experts, and learn how to boost your threat intelligence efforts in ways that were never possible before!

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