CNI Joins Geoverse Partner Program to Help Bridge the Digital Divide with Private Network Solutions



With Geoverse, CNI offers wireless networks with lower latency, higher security and larger coverage areas for education, healthcare and business

BELLEVUE, Wash .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Geoverse, a private cellular network operator, today announced that CNI Sales, Inc., has joined its partner program to take advantage of a variety of private wireless solutions and Geoverse’s in-depth expertise to enable better distance learning opportunities and connectivity. CNI creates custom IT solutions with secure, fast and reliable connectivity for the K-12 education market, as well as the healthcare, commercial and government sectors in the East Coast region.

After evaluating the benefits of LTE and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), including increased signal range, connectivity performance, proven security, and seamless mobility, educational institutions are increasingly choosing wireless networks. private threads as a solution to bridge the digital divide and ensure that their students stay connected. School districts and communities are looking for solutions that will allow them to provide reliable online access to all of their students. Forward-looking planners are also realizing that while private cellular networks can enable distance learning, they can also serve as the basis for smart city initiatives in the future.

“We can combine our ability to rapidly deploy high performance networks funded by these federal stimulus programs, so that these opportunities, especially in the education and municipal sectors, are quite significant. It truly is a generational opportunity for these communities to connect and fight the digital divide and more, ”said Rod Nelson, CEO of Geoverse.

CNI is now a value-added reseller and system integrator of Geoverse products and services. The company will sell and install locations for Geoverse, which adds private LTE cellular service as a complementary wireless service to its managed Wi-Fi offerings. Geoverse’s Director of East Region Channel Sales Keith R. Jones said, “The end user benefits from a new wireless network option with lower latency, higher security and hot spots. more extensive coverage.

Jim Decker, CNI Account Manager, commented: “With the availability of private spectrum for LTE and 5G wireless, such as CBRS in the United States, CNI believes this is the deepest development since Wi -Fi. This is why we are delighted to partner with Geoverse and use their solutions in all industries. With Geoverse’s Private LTE / CBRS offerings, we are able to solve real world problems for wireless LAN in large spaces in education, transportation, manufacturing, warehouses, smart cities, healthcare and many more.

Geoverse designs private network solutions for mission-critical applications using OnGo, a licensed low-band LTE spectrum – a major differentiator in this emerging industry. Together, CNI and Geoverse are focused on the growing growth in the education space and in the healthcare sector, where leaders are exploring use cases such as real-time telehealth, indoor wireless environments and exteriors, IoT, remote patient care and more.

Geoverse’s scalable connectivity solutions can be used in many verticals markets including government, education, CRE, healthcare, logistics, etc. Geoverse continues to build relationships with select partners who will provide customers with cutting edge choice and innovation tailored to solving customer problems and introducing new opportunities.

For more information on Geoverse and CNI, contact Geoverse at: [email protected]

About CNI Sales, Inc.

CNI aligns strategic IT solutions with the goals of unique organizations as a leader in technology and services. By helping clients create short- and long-term IT solution roadmaps, their turnkey approach maximizes investment and ensures IT solutions are on time, on budget, and sustainable. CNI offers high quality service, optimal solutions and an integrated plan, designed to evolve to meet the unique requirements of any organization. CNI specializes in security and safety to ensure the sustainability of security programs, integration and infrastructure to unify communication with seamless connectivity, and Smart Moves, Smart Tech to increase network efficiency, minimize risks and maximize return on investment.

About Geoverse

Geoverse is a private cellular network operator that provides turnkey connectivity solutions for businesses, homeowners and communities. The company’s 5G / LTE private cellular network offering, based on the Citizens Broadband Radio Network (CBRS) and licensed LTE spectrum, interconnects with major mobile operators, providing a secure and scalable solution enabling applications value-added and high-performance communications for users and devices. . Geoverse, the largest neutral host operator in the United States, is a subsidiary of ATN International (NASDAQ: ATNI), a company with more than 30 years of experience in creating and operating cellular solutions for businesses, operators and consumers.


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