AXSMarine and Chinsay streamline data processing



Chinsay, the expert and pioneer in digital procurement processes for the commodities and freight markets, and AXSMarine, the leading provider of SaaS solutions for dryboat, tanker and cruise ship charter, today announce ‘ hui their collaboration which brings new advantages to the customers. This collaboration begins with the integration of AXSMarine’s vessel data with Chinsay’s smart contract platform, enabling customers to benefit from increased efficiency and streamlined processes by integrating all vessel information into the contract. , saving time and eliminating errors.

How it works:

• Users search for a vessel by name or IMO number when creating their open position, master summary or charter party form in ICP.Freight.

• Then the most recent vessel details are pulled directly from AXSMarine’s vessel database into the form.

Benefits for users, brokers and principals:

• Collaboration eliminates the need to re-enter data and shortens form creation time with automatic vessel data integration.

• Existing ICP.Freight customers benefit from a leading source of vessel descriptions directly integrated into their contractual workflow.

• Simplifies access to information, improves user experience and customer service.

• Existing AXSMarine customers can leverage the added value of AXSMarine’s private vessel databases.

Tony Faneco, CCO of Chinsay, said: “We are very pleased to add AXSMarine as one of our partners, building on our vision of collaboration within the industry, extending efficiency to brokers and to constituents. The importance of a collaborative ecosystem is increasingly underlined by the limitations currently encountered by users of autonomous systems. Our integration with AXSMarine will bring a wide range of important benefits to users, streamlining operations, reducing time spent re-entering data and minimizing errors.

Steve Fletcher, CCO of AXSMarine, said: “The importance of efficient data acquisition and sharing is increasing day by day in our industry. We believe that the wide use of Chinsay’s smart contract platform in goods and freight markets solves many collaboration and standardization issues. It is our privilege to collaborate on an innovative shipping data solution as we both have over 20 years of experience in developing such businesses. ”

The integration with AXSMarine builds on the companies approach of streamlining workflows and collaborating with other cutting-edge technologies and brings the industry to a new level of efficiency within its operations with methods improved working conditions. Collaboration will allow users to unlock the potential of their contracts, eliminating inefficiencies that often result in shrinking profit margins and increased risk.


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