AREAA Global partners with Pivo to equip real estate agents with immersive AI-powered video solutions to improve sales capabilities


With its AI-based software, the intelligent Pivo module automatically follows and rotates to capture people and spaces, just like an automatic camera operator, allowing agents to better show their properties and create dynamic content on the go, hands free. Pivo allows agents to easily create and share an unlimited number of immersive 360-degree tours without the hassle of a complicated subscription plan, and also easily integrates with video conferencing applications.

Pivo’s system requires minimal equipment to get started – all you need is a smartphone and the Pivo smart pod. Realtors and photographers can be fully set up in just a few minutes, then immediately start capturing immersive tours of entire homes with the click of the remote. Agents can also personalize accompanying information such as ownership and contact details, and immediately share it with potential buyers.

“When we first saw what Pivo could do, we were immediately impressed that such a professional tool could be so easy to use,” said Allen Tchang, Chairman of AREAA Global. “Our primary role is to support and empower our members to do more, and that includes making sure they have the best tools to stay ahead of the game. For this reason, we are proud to partnering with Pivo and providing these strategic capabilities to our members in the United States and our partners around the world.

Founded in 2011, AREAA Global is a real estate company that supports a global network of real estate professionals by offering its members advantages to develop their activity. AREAA Global is the for-profit entity of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

The Pivo system – which consists of an intelligent physical module as well as innovative AI-based software – was created by the parent company 3i Inc., a world leader in image capture and AI spatial mapping solutions. The heart of 3i’s image capture and processing platform is based on its proprietary engine for quickly creating detailed digital twins of large-scale industrial spaces, and it is this cutting-edge technology that has been created. distilled into Pivo’s residential and commercial real estate functions to provide immersive, and immersive tours.

“Ever since I created Pivo, I have always believed that the real estate market is ripe for this kind of digital transformation and disruption,” said Ken kim, founder and CEO of 3i. “By partnering with AREAA Global, we believe that both organizations can better capitalize on the enormous opportunity that we see in North America, and that we can deliver real added value to their members and customers. ”

AREAA Global will work closely with Pivo on distribution to its worldwide member base as well as on-the-ground information sharing on how Pivo’s solution supports AREAA Global members. Initially launched in 2019, Pivo is available in United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy via Amazon and the Apple Store. Pivo is also available in Russia, Benelux, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Israel, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Portugal, and Japan through local retailers.

About Pivo
Pivo’s mission is to unleash the full creative potential of all smartphone photographs and videos. Pivo is an award winning pod with an open SDK. As more and more users take advantage of AI-powered technology, the Pivo community continues to grow and create amazingly creative content, from riding videos to distance learning. Pivo is owned by 3i. Inc., a leader in communications innovation that seeks to help businesses connect people and places.

About AREAA Global
AREAA Global is a for-profit professional organization dedicated to promoting business opportunities worldwide to its members in the United States, Canada and all other countries. AREAA Global offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a network of industry experts serving international clients from Asia and all over the world.

Media contact for Pivo:
Philippe Raskin
Gravitate PR for Pivo
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Media contact for AREAA Global:
Carmen chong
AREAA Global Director General
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