APU data miners strike gold

Top Techies: The trio beat competitors from 23 nations to become champions.

By leveraging data analytics, inventory replenishment can be done more efficiently in modern businesses.

This was exemplified by four data analytics students at the Asia-Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) when they emerged victorious in first and third place in an international competition that challenged students to develop the best solution to replenish cyclically requested products in an online store. shop.

The 2022 Data Mining Cup (DMC) 2,000 Euro (RM8,993) top prize was won by the trio of Ngo Zhuo Xiu, Khoo Xin-Yi and Pang Hong Shen, who beat 77 other teams from 23 country.

APU international student, Md Nowshad Ul Alam from Bangladesh came third with a cash prize worth 500 Euros (RM2,248).

Mentored by Mafas Raheem, a professor in the university’s School of Computer Science, the four winners were BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Analytics for undergraduates.

Competitors first had to determine which products were purchased cyclically by customers for a fixed product line in an online store, before developing a model that predicted these cycles for all relevant products with customers or groups of consumers.

Key to the trio’s success, said team leader Ngo, was their knowledge of data mining, teamwork and time management.

He shared that the team met several hours a week to brainstorm ideas and develop solutions, while juggling their year-end projects and assignments.

“Preparing the solution template was difficult at first. We did literature reviews meeting continuously with our supervisor, Mr. Mafas, to dispel our doubts,” he said in a recent press release.

He added that the team applied data mining, data pre-processing, data modeling as well as model tuning skills and knowledge they learned from their study modules like data mining. data and predictive modeling, and optimization and deep learning.

“We believe these skills can also be applied to our future careers in data science and data analytics across various industries,” he said.

At the same time, Md Nowshad said that in addition to foundational skills, the modules develop students’ critical thinking and understanding of business values ​​and market trends.

According to Mafas, the demand for data analysts and scientists has increased globally.

“Data analytics or data science is an interdisciplinary skill that could be widely applied to many fields to solve different problems in a business environment.

“Any business problem will require a solution based on data science, guided by certain steps such as understanding the problem, understanding the data, pre-processing, building models, tuning and evaluating models,” a- he declared.

Describing the students’ win as a “big win”, Mafas said APU students are able to tackle real-world business challenges, thanks to its industry-focused curriculum.

The other top 10 winning teams came from Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Federal University of Alfenas, Brazil; the Institute of Army Management in Kolkata, India; the Chinese University of Hong Kong; National Research Polytechnic University of Perm, Russia; the University of Mannheim, Germany; and Grand View University, USA.

Organized by prudsys AG, a provider of agile artificial intelligence technologies for omnichannel retail in Germany, the annual DMC aims to inspire college students in intelligent data analysis (data mining) and challenge them to find the best solutions.

The 2022 edition started on April 12 and ended with the awards ceremony on July 14.

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