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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO – RANDOLPH, Texas —Two Airmen have been selected to represent Air Education and Training Command to qualify for the 2023 AFWERX Spark Tank Challenge Quarter-Finals, here, Oct. 19, 2022.

Spark Tank, an annual event where Airmen present innovative ideas to Air Force leaders and industry experts, culminated at the AETC as six innovations were presented and judged by the command leaders. The committee was chaired by Major General James Sears, deputy commander of the AETC.

The ideas selected as winners for the AETC were the Administrative Data Analysis and Maintenance Matrix (ADAMM) program, presented by Tech. sergeant. Daniel Fournier, 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman, and Agile Content Evolution and Deployment (ACED), presented by Master Sgt. Errick Wernecke, superintendent of nuclear missile systems at the Air Force Security Center.

“Innovation takes creativity and courage to challenge the status quo and that’s exactly what our top two picks did,” said Master Sgt. Michael Bridges, AETC Innovation Directorate NCO in charge of Futures and Innovations. “We encourage the other 16 AETC submissions to continue breaking down barriers and developing their ideas, we hope to see them come to fruition in the future.”

ADAMM is a relational database and graphical user interface that enables high-resolution tactical and strategic decision-making capabilities from enhanced analysis across multiple dimensions of data points. The problem ADAMM solves is the inability to visualize and monitor assets in the categorical nature of aerospace ground equipment, which has historically been extremely time consuming.

The ADAMM program solves this problem by categorizing information with cross-table queries providing near real-time asset tracking. Additionally, by interconnecting ADAMM related data, maintainers can quickly see fully equipped jobs and use Theory of Constraints to further reduce waste and increase maintenance efficiency by also giving technicians quality data, represented from understandable way. Finally, the time saved enhances training capabilities by providing the quality time needed to mentor and develop future Air Force leaders and technicians.

“ADAMM connects related data from an information system to paint a holistic picture enabling decision making based on high and low data,” said Fournier. “With ADAMM, supervisors will be able to make those decisions quickly, saving time to focus on developing and training their Airmen.”

ACED is a concept of operations that uses the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and AI-based technology, to create a platform capable of converting source documents under instruction and procedurally generating assessment materials. These capabilities are then used to automatically generate instructional content, interact with stakeholders, assess students, and customize materials to unique individuals, teams, units, and assignments.

“Our versatile Airmen will need education and training to keep pace with tomorrow’s battlefield with instruction delivered in days, not years,” said Senior Master Sgt. Errick Wernecke, superintendent of nuclear missile systems at the Air Force Security Center. “With ACED, we are able to develop the Airmen we need using personalized courses tailored to individuals and accelerate change through competency-based learning.”

The two teams will face off in the quarter-finals, in front of a judging panel consisting of AFWERX and the Secretary of Air Force leadership members who will select the best ideas to form a final list of semi-finalists to present to the next round. of judges.

The winners of the semi-finals advance to the final round of the competition, which is scheduled for the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Aurora, Colorado, March 6-8, 2023.

“The event empowers our Airmen and intrapreneurs to be innovative and seek to improve the Air Force,” said Col. Thomas Wegner, director of the AETC’s Innovation Directorate. “Sharing ideas and working with innovation leaders has led to successes such as the development of airmen and goalies with games for better preparation in the AETC.”

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