ADVA launches AccessWave25 to migrate to 25Gbps connectivity

ADVA has launched its AccessWave25, allowing network operators to migrate their 10 Gbps access infrastructure to 25 Gbps connectivity without a significant increase in footprint or major changes to the existing optical layer.

The device addresses the need for higher bandwidth services in X-Haul mobile, cable access and wholesale networks.

Operators can now insert the AccessWave25 into any standard SFP28 port for an instant capacity upgrade without replacing existing demarcation or aggregation devices. Using patent-pending distance optimization technology, the device also extends 25 Gbps DWDM range to 40 km, and its G.metro auto-tuning technology reduces provisioning efforts and simplifies operations. .

“Network operators have a simple, low-cost way to deal with rising bandwidth consumption that doesn’t require additional space or cause major service disruptions. While current solutions cannot go beyond 15km, our pluggable device uses PAM4 modulation and direct sensing technology to support data transport up to 40km,” said Christoph Glingener, CEO from ADVA.

ADVA’s AccessWave25 socket enables the seamless upgrade of fiber-based access networks. Host-independent and with a standardized SFP28 form factor, it enables operators to instantly connect switches, routers and many other devices to DWDM open-line systems.

With tunable C-band interfaces and G.metro self-tuning capabilities, the device reduces setup time, reduces human error and saves operating costs.

Network operators can use the G.metro communication channel to remotely monitor the status and health of outlets to help troubleshoot any issues. Using less than 3 watts and with an I-temp reinforced design, the AccessWave25 is perfect for deployment in a wide range of outdoor environments.

“OurAccessWave25 is an essential addition to our AccessWave family of pluggable devices and incorporates our latest G.metro technology. Whether with a third-party OLS or with our FSP 3000 turnkey solution for passive optical access networks, our pluggable technology provides the tools needed to cope with ever-increasing data consumption as well as ever-evolving optical access networks,” Saeid Aramideh, Vice President of Business Development at Optical Engines, ADVA, said.

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