A second successful Zurich climate conversation with lively communication and extensive knowledge exchange


After the welcome by Mayor Michael Gonzalez, the political experts met with Natja Long, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ZFV Companies and Martin Bartenhaver, President of Institutional and Multinational Clients of ZKB. Business in climate protection. Minister of Social Affairs Fer said: “The Swiss federation offers enormous opportunities.

Environment Minister Newkom described the challenges in terms of the current situation and climate protection in the Zurich region. His conclusion: “Thanks to the great efforts of the past 30 years, we are on the right track. But a much needed reduction in CO2Zero emissions are still slow. Distribution with fossil heat is inevitable and possible during heat changes, as many areas are already leading the way. Then, under the title “State of the Art”, seven Zurich municipalities provided examples of how climate protection can be followed at municipal level in the canton of Zurich, among others: the Citizens’ Group for more protection climate in Aster, a woodsville forest heating network and a master plan emojile presented in Woodsville. .

27 workshops on the challenges and the need for work and transfer teams

After the first screening of Zurich Climate Dialog 2020, the participants were able to exchange physically again under 3G conditions. In the workshops, the real heart of the event, the representatives of the communities addressed six themes: “Development and extension of thermal networks” and “What to do next for the gas network? “,” Accelerate electric travel “and” Climate “. “Participation – Designing climate protection together” and “Promoting climate-friendly nutrition”.

Jork Kondik was impressed by the combined knowledge of the participants: “The federal and activist organization has once again shown that there is enormous potential in the municipalities. But it takes courage and skill to try anything without instructions or legislation. “

The next climate dialogue will take place in 2022. The stated objective is: to contribute together to climate change.

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